Singer Info

All singers who sang in DFC's 2019 concert or who signed up to sing in the cancelled 2020 concert have an automatic right to a place in 2022. Thereafter, singers will be invited according to the number of places available in the various voice parts.  Realistically, there are likely to be very few soprano or alto places available. If you are an experienced tenor or bass and would like to sing with us, please get in touch via the Contact Info page. 

The choral fee (to include music, all rehearsals, pre-concert run through and concert) is £20. Payment, by cheque or bank transfer, should be made at the time of booking. 

Unless agreed in advance (or in the event of illness), all singers will be expected to attend all rehearsals.

Concert dress is black tie for men, and black dress or smart black trousers/long skirt and black top for women. Coloured bow ties (men) and necklaces (women) will be provided. You will also need a black music folder.

Although this is a non-audition choir, it is important to be aware that some of the music is quite challenging. With limited rehearsal time, it is essential that everyone accepts responsibility for learning their music thoroughly. To help you, links to voice part practice lines and concert performances of the works in the programme are available on the Music Info page of this website. 


Additional Help

Practice lines are great but sometimes there are tricky passages that need to be listened to carefully and practised slowly. If you’d like to slow down the tempo of any of the practice files, here are a few hints about how to do so on a PC.

For midi files played through Windows Media Player, open the file, right-click on the window, go to Enhancements, choose Play Speed Settings, then move the slider to the tempo that suits you.

For MP3 files on Dropbox, go to the Setttings 'cog' and select Speed. There is an option for half speed.

You can slow down the tempo of any Cyberbass files by clicking on the Slower box below the play/pause bar.

There are plenty of third-party pieces software available too - many of which will no doubt do a better job - but these suggestions have the advantage that they don't require you to download any additional software.